Telemark skiing

Today I gave myself a Christmas present I’ve wanted for many years – a day on the ski slopes on telemark skis. It had been many years since I could go downhill on telemark skis.

First downhill on telemark skies since many years

Up on the hill and the first runs felt really ring-rusty. The knees themselves were not a problem at all, however it was felt in the thighs after a few rides and the balance could have been better. Although I think I have been training, I should have trained a lot more. However, the feeling was wonderful and the happiness complete now at the end of the ski day.

With this blog post, I have now achieved all of my post-surgery goals and continued posting will be sporadic.


2 thoughts on “Telemark skiing

  1. Hej Johan! Helt fantastiskt och härligt att se! Det här har du ju verkligen ”jobbat dig till”! God fortsättning & Gott Nytt År! 🎄🥂🎉 Bertil 🎅

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    1. Det var en härlig men ringrostig känsla och det är nog bara att konstatera att det var för många år sedan jag åkte Telemark, så jag får nog lägga dom på hyllan efter denna vecka. Fortsatt God Jul och Gott Nytt År.


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