Two years after surgery

Time fly fast. 2 years ago I did my knee replacement surgery on both knees, and it has gone a year since my last blog post. 

I still feel very well and can do almost everything I want to do. My flexibility are good and I can bend both legs approximately 130 degree and stretch it to almost 0 degrees. The only things that gives me a strange feeling is standing on my knees. It doesn’t hurt, but it feels uncomfortable. I don’t know the reason behind the feeling and I try to avoid standing one my knees. For example, when an exercise is include standing on the knees, I either change it or I put a pillow under my knees.  

My ambition was to do two fitness programs and one max pulse exercise weekly, but I must admit that I haven’t reached my targets every week. If I don’t do the fitness program for 2-3 weeks I feels strange, so this part of the target I have meet most weeks. For the max pulse training program, I just say I have cheated most weeks. Here I need to shape up. 

To sum up; I can only recommend everyone to not be afraid to go through a knee replacement surgery sooner than later when the pain is coming. I had to go down stairs backwards at the end and I urge everyone not to let it go that far.


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