Today I passed one of my milestones Hockey premiere

Today I passed one of my milestones I have set – Hockey training.  It’s been a year and a half since I played ice-hockey. The season started today with the first training on ice. We were 16 players so there were two teams with 3 substitutes in each team. At first I skated carefully aroundContinue reading “Today I passed one of my milestones Hockey premiere”

From rehab to continuous training

It is now five months since my surgery on December 7. My surgery were in the morning and when I got up after lunch and started to move, I was completely knocked out. Even later in the afternoon it did not work. The reason was that I could not tolerate the strong painkillers I receivedContinue reading “From rehab to continuous training”

X-rays before and after surgery

Last week I got some X-rays of my knees. As you can see in the pictures before the surgery, especially on the pictures taken from the side, the bones are together with no or very little distance between them. The consequences is that there is nothing that prevent the bones to touch each other. ThatContinue reading “X-rays before and after surgery”

A status update after 11 weeks

Yesterday it was 11 weeks since my knee replacement surgery. As you have seen on my blog my rehabilitation have gone very well. Today feel almost fully recovered in my daily life. I have no problem walking up or down stairs, I can walk long distances without any pain or problems. Last couple of weeksContinue reading “A status update after 11 weeks”

Time for a trip with long-distance skates

Today is a nice day on the Swedish West Coast with minus 4-6 degrees Celsius. The longing for a trip with my long-distance skates became too great so I had to test. After putting the skates on my old leather Telemark boots, I stood up on wobbly legs. It was probably 4 ~ 5 seasonsContinue reading “Time for a trip with long-distance skates”

First cross country tour since surgery

Today it is two months since my surgery. The last couple of days has been really cold in Gothenburg with a lot of sun and some snow. With other words wonderful winter weather. I have been longing for some skiing but I am not ready for down hill skiing or telemark skiing. Therefore I testedContinue reading “First cross country tour since surgery”