Welcome to my knee replacement surgery blogg

The purpose with this blog is the share experience and knowledge regarding knee replacement surgery.

There are a lot of people with knee arthritis that have pain everyday and are in the thoughts to do a knee replacement surgery, and I hope this blog will give them knowledge on how to deal with it.

The latest posts

Telemark skiing

Today I gave myself a Christmas present I’ve wanted for many years – a day on the ski slopes on telemark skis. It had been many years since I could go downhill on telemark skis. Up on the hill and the first runs felt really ring-rusty. The knees themselves were not a problem at all,…

Two years after surgery

Time fly fast. 2 years ago I did my knee replacement surgery on both knees, and it has gone a year since my last blog post.  I still feel very well and can do almost everything I want to do. My flexibility are good and I can bend both legs approximately 130 degree and stretch…

One year since surgery

Today it is one year since I did my knee surgery on both knees at the same time. You who have followed my blog have been able to see that my rehabilitation has gone very well. The feedback I received from my physiotherapist is that she has never seen anyone picked up strengths and return…

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