A status update after 11 weeks

Yesterday it was 11 weeks since my knee replacement surgery. As you have seen on my blog my rehabilitation have gone very well. Today feel almost fully recovered in my daily life. I have no problem walking up or down stairs, I can walk long distances without any pain or problems. Last couple of weeks it has been really nice winter weather in Gothenburg, and I have been cross country skiing or long skating almost every day. Now the snow is gone, so I have to be satisfied with long walks.

I do my home training programme every morning, see picture below. Now I can do most of the exercises without problem. Next step is to add weights to the exercises.

On Tuesday and Thursday every week I visit Carlanderska Rehab and meet my physiotherapist. She has gradually increased the difficulties with more weights and increased balance exercises, see picture below.

When I started my rehab at Carlanderska every exercise caused me pain. Gradually the pain have decreased and instead I have been able to increase weights and difficulties. Now I just have to struggle with the exercises as normal training.

For  this exercise I started with 30 kg and I had to struggle to manage 3×15 repetitions. Today I made 3×15 with 80 kg without any pain, just  hade to press hard.

For this exercise I started with 13 kg using both legs for pushing up and pull down. I was not able to do 3×15 repetitions due to pain, I did 2×10. Today I did 3×15 with 23 kg with ONE leg. A fantastic improvement.

Also for the other exercises similar improvements have taken place. In reflection the rehab have gone really well and I am soo pleased and thanks my physiotherapist very much for helping and pushing me.


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