Final preparation before surgery

Tomorrow is the DAY for my surgery. The last week have I been training every morning by executing my ordinary rehab program shown in a previous blog post that I have done for several years. I have also done the post-rehab program (also shown in an other previous blog post) to ensure I know howContinue reading “Final preparation before surgery”

6 Best Exercises To Do Before Total Knee Replacement – Prehab

I was surfing Internet for good examples of exercises to prepare myself as best as possible. I found this video on YouTube, , that very much show similar exercises that my physiotherapist showed me as my training program after my surgery. For me the exercises are rather easy to do, but still they areContinue reading “6 Best Exercises To Do Before Total Knee Replacement – Prehab”

Last meeting before surgery with the physiotherapist

Today I met the physiotherapist for the second time. She gave me some more tools I need after the operation. I got a seat cushion to be able to get up more easily from a chair or armchair, leg raises to the bed so it get higher up and thus help me out of bed.Continue reading “Last meeting before surgery with the physiotherapist”

Registration and information at Capio Movement in Halmstad

Yesterday at lunch I drove the 135 km south to Capio Movement in Halmstad for registration and information.  It starts with a physiotherapist showing with plastic skeletal parts where the injuries are and what the surgeon does about it.  She then showed the different parts of the prosthesis itself and how the surgeon attaches themContinue reading “Registration and information at Capio Movement in Halmstad”