Five weeks has past since the surgery

Yesterday it was five weeks and two days since my surgery and visited my physiotherapist for test improvements and update of my rehab programme. She tested my bending and it was roughly 115° on both knees. The target is at least 110° and according to doctor that made the surgery maximum possible bending is 120°.Continue reading “Five weeks has past since the surgery”

Tossed the crutches and switch to the ski poles

The last few days it has been snowing in Gothenburg. The nature is lovely with snow on all the trees. What is missing is the pale winter sun, but you can not get everything. Every day it progresses slowly, even if the pace of improvement is not as fastest as before. But what does itContinue reading “Tossed the crutches and switch to the ski poles”

Removed my staples today

This morning I first met my physiotherapist and then a nurse to remove the staples. The physiotherapist was impressed with my progress. She asked me to stand on one leg and “draw” the alphabet with the leg in the air. It went very well. After a few different tests, she put together an updated program,Continue reading “Removed my staples today”

A walk in the sunshine around Gunnebo Castle

Today was the first day in a long time with the sun showing up. We took the car to Gunnebo Castle ( for a walk in the sunshine.  The whole family took part in the walk in the nice December weather. However, it was chilly in the windy westerly wind. It’s especially wonderful that Jonas came home fromContinue reading “A walk in the sunshine around Gunnebo Castle”

Never more a handball between my legs!

Check out these pictures. I can never, with my feet together, place a handball between my legs anymore! It is quite amazing how straight the legs has been after the surgery. The doctor asked me what the difference is between a carpenter and him? I couldn’t guess. The answer he told me is that aContinue reading “Never more a handball between my legs!”

First visit to Physiotherapist after surgery

Today I meet my physiotherapist for the first time after the surgery. Times fly fast and I am surprised about my progress. Today I visited my physiotherapist for the first time after the surgery. She was also surprised when she saw me walking in the corridor with my crutches. According to her I stretched myContinue reading “First visit to Physiotherapist after surgery”