One year since surgery

Today it is one year since I did my knee surgery on both knees at the same time. You who have followed my blog have been able to see that my rehabilitation has gone very well. The feedback I received from my physiotherapist is that she has never seen anyone picked up strengths and return to full functionality so quickly. It makes me happy and feels like my preparations before the operation and my meticulous training according to the rehabilitation program after the operation have given results. A couple of times she has had to hold me back so I didn’t increase the load to quickly and that I overwork myself. It has give result. As an example, when I do the leg press exercise now I do it with 120 kg 3 times with 10 repetitions each time. After the operation I managed about 20 kg 2 times with 5 repetitions. My big goal this winter is telemark skiing, so I train my legs a lot in a different variations, both with and without kettlebells.

Today I feel no limits and I can do whatever I want, and I feel stronger in my legs than in many many years. Last week I visited the physiotherapist and she supplemented my training program with some more leg exercises and a program for torso and upper body. My idea is to alternate between the two training programs and add a fitness session a week such as ice hockey or cycling.

During this year, over 1,700 people from almost 40 countries around the world have visited my blog and taken part in my journey. I really hope that some of these has been inspired and motivated to dare to take the step and undergo a knee operation.


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