Today I passed one of my milestones Hockey premiere

Today I passed one of my milestones I have set – Hockey training. 

It’s been a year and a half since I played ice-hockey. The season started today with the first training on ice. We were 16 players so there were two teams with 3 substitutes in each team. At first I skated carefully around the rink. I felt a little discomfort, no direct pain though, when I turned with overtaking skating steps, especially to the left. Then I thought to stop, but took a few more laps. It did not get any worse so I thought I would play some shifts on ice anyway. Once the match started, the adrenaline rose and the discomfort was suppressed. Of course, my legs was shaky and I wasn’t that confident in my skating, not so much physically as mentally – the worry of what could happen if I fell or collided. However, all the players took it carefully when I had the puck or came close to taking it from an opponent.

As time went on, it got better and better to play, but far from good. After half an hour I was really tired and it didn’t take many seconds on the ice until I had a maximum heart rate of 174 beats per minute. During the last half hour I tried to take it a little calmer so I wouldn’t get hurt, even if it is difficult when the adrenaline is pumping!

Now 2 hours after the workout, it feels a little pain in the muscles around the knee, especially in the left knee. I guess it’s a bit of pain after the training because of the skating movement, which is not directly a rehabilitation exercise. Hopefully I am ready for next week’s training.

How did it go in the match, you may be wondering? Well, it was 8-8 and I did not score a goal but two shots on goal in any case which I am pleased with.


2 thoughts on “Today I passed one of my milestones Hockey premiere

  1. Bra jobbat! Du är fantastisk! 👍👏🏋️‍♀️ Hälsa Inger! Bertil

    > 1 sep. 2021 kl. 13:56 skrev Knee Replacement Surgery : > >  >


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