From rehab to continuous training

It is now five months since my surgery on December 7. My surgery were in the morning and when I got up after lunch and started to move, I was completely knocked out. Even later in the afternoon it did not work. The reason was that I could not tolerate the strong painkillers I received immediately after the operation while I was still asleep. Finally, a nurse said “you need to sleep so the intoxicant will leave your body and we will start rehabilitation tomorrow”. When I woke up December 8 I felt OK and after breakfast I could walk with a walker and later during the day walk with crutches and also walk in stairs.

On December 9, I went home and once home, my rehabilitation really began, both at home several times every day and twice a week at my physiotherapist. The progress was great in the beginning and I felt clear progress every day, as you can see in my blog posts. Less than a week after the operation, I was able to take short walks outside, which got longer and longer with each day passing.

One month after the operation, I no longer needed the crutches but went with ski poles. It was no problem to walk longer distances. Regarding the mobility of the knee joints, I achieved the goals of 120 degrees.

After two months, my knees worked perfectly well and I was able to do most of the things required to function well in everyday life. 

When four months had passed, I had almost regained the muscles in my thighs and I felt that there was nothing that directly hinders me and what I could do. 

Since 2 weeks my physiotherapist changes my rehab programme to a training programme for continuous training. Now it’s just a matter of continue training to maintain my muscles and mobility. 

Now five months after surgery my body, including my legs and knees, are stronger, more flexible and in better shape since many years back. The rehab had really gone well.

Now my blog posts will be more sporadic. Anyone who have osteoarthritis in the knees and wants to know more about how my rehabilitation went, you are welcome to contact me by email


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