Downhill skiing

First lift ride!

As you know, who have followed my blog, my rehab is going very well. One of my physical activities that I enjoy very much is downhill and telemark skiing. After consultation with my physiotherapist, even if she was doubtful, I was eager to see how my legs was functioning when doing downhill skiing. So we booked a 3 day session at Branäs, a very children friendly ski resort roughly 5 hours from home.

First slope downhill with new knees

The first day I started at the children’s belt-lift. Actually I had to use the belt-lift to get to the slope itself. After I first, little nervous, run down a blue slope I felt nothing special. We went down a couple of slopes and the skiing started to become more and more comfortable.

After a couple of hours we took a coffee break. Back in the slope and a couple of more races the thigh muscle on both legs started to have a little pain, so we decided to end for the day.

As the clock wasn’t more then 3 PM we decided to do some cross-country skiing, which was feeling great.

The second day I woke up eager to get out on my downhill skies again. We have skied all slope available and it has felt great. It feels that I am more or less fully recovered from the surgery. In the afternoon we rounded up the day with skiing 5 km cross country.

I am longing for tomorrows skiing.


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